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Visible Honor for Invisible Wounds 28 June, thank you.

  • Joe  Geraci and Tim O’ Connor of Battle Buds introduced the concept of posttraumatic growth in which the individual who has been exposed to mental trauma now has the infrastructure and foundation to build a new understanding of life and personal development
  • Ty Carter advance the idea of post-traumatic stress is something that we all experience to some extent at some point or points in our lives; and it is, beyond being distasteful and harrowing, an opportunity to learn and adjust.
  • Dr. Frank Ochberg emphasized the idea that post-traumatic stress is an injury and for the benefit of the injured it needs to be referred as such.
  • JB Moore of NAMI bolstered the need for parity between visible and invisible wounds and called for the establishment and entitlement of the Purple Heart for post-traumatic stress incurred in combat in order to curb the current discrimination against those who have incurred battlefield traumatic stress
  • Deputy NYPD Commissioner Susan Herman stressed the need to end the stigma of mental trauma among first responders and victims of crime










Presented by Honor for ALL to commemorate and promote National Post Traumatic Stress Awareness Day
Saturday, June 28, Foley Square – lower Manhattan, NYC

On June 28, 2014, Honor for ALL will again officially commemorate National Post-traumatic Stress Awareness Day by hosting Visible Honor for Invisible Wounds.

This year our annual event will be held in Foley Square, directly across the street from the Federal Court House at Center and Worth Streets in lower Manhattan – two blocks north of the west end of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Ceremonies begin at 10:00 AM and end shortly after noon with an open microphone to offer those in attendance the opportunity to speak if they wish.

We are partnering, for the first time, with the Mental Health Association of New York City and moving the venue from Washington, DC to Manhattan while expanding the scope of recognition beyond the military singularly, to include first responders and victims of abuse.

This is a completely open public event with no fundraising or vending of any kind.

In presenting Visible Honor for Invisible Wounds, we strive to affirm the bravery and sacrifice exhibited by those who protect our freedom and safety in the face of constant exposure to traumatic events. Moreover, we seek to avert the negative complications amassed through misunderstanding, prejudice and just plain neglect of post-traumatic stress. We endeavor to build honor and deny shame.
The keynote address will be delivered by Staff Sargent Ty Carter, 2013 recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Joining him at the podium will be representatives from the offices of: the Chiefs of Staff of the Army and Navy; the Wounded Warrior Project; Iraq Afghanistan Veterans of America; Service Women’s Action Network; the FDNY Commissioner and NYPD Commissioner; individuals from the national healthcare sector, and last, but certainly not least, individuals among us now dealing with the everyday consequences of post-traumatic stress.

Please join us.