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  • Frank Ochberg

    Dr. Ochberg, a graduate of Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University, has a long history of working to both define PTSD and to raise awareness on the subject and possible treatments. Frank Ochberg, M.D., a psychiatrist, has been a leading mental health authority since the 1960s. Dr. Ochberg is a founding board member of the…

  • Kent Hall

    Kent joined the Stop the Loss Foundation after hearing about Doug Price’s work with the group and feeling a connection when looking into Dr. Ochberg’s work on PTSD. Kent was a Sergeant in Phu Bai with 220th RAC in 1969. Kent has suffered with PTSD for decades, avoiding help as he did not know what…

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    Thomas Mahany President / Executive Director Vietnam Veteran Read Bio _______ Kent Hall Vice President Vietnam Veteran Read Bio Frank Ochberg, M.D. Medical Advisor Former Assoc. Director – National Institute of Mental Health Read Bio